Ecological Genocide

Lead poisoning has not been completely phased-out from Indonesia. This time, the threat of lead (Pb) poisoning comes from used lead acid battery recycling to produce lead inglot, a raw material to produce battery, electronic part, pait, glass and other useful goods. We understood that from a perspective, used lead acid battery smelting has high economical value that could support economic development.

However, various researches regarding lead contamination show that lead exposure could give many negative impacts to human health that can be fatal, for instance decreasing for IQ points in children, increasing aggressiveness and anti social behavior, fetus abnormality, high blood pressure, female frigidity, miscarriage, infertility related disease, tremor, kidney failure, permanent brain damage and death.

Jangan lupa untuk beri atribusi ke website KPBB saat mengutip press release hasil unduhan.

Photo by Ante Samarzija on Unsplash

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