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Updated: 02 January 2013
B r e a t h e E a s y, J a k a r t a !

 Stakeholder Group Development..


In order to achieve better air quality in Jakarta, US-EPA supports the Jakarta government through the Breathe Easy, Jakarta!  The ultimate goal of this program is to increase the effectiveness of Air Quality Management in Jakarta by implementing the integrated activities, as follow:

1.        Build stakeholder participation in the improvement of air quality.

2.        Review the air quality monitoring for the purpose of monitoring theeffectiveness of air quality can be improved in the future.

3.        Conduct emission inventory to find out the source of air pollution in Jakarta.

4.        Conduct air quality modeling to create policy options to improve the quality of air.

5.        Develop health benefits assessment to analyze the benefits of improved air quality for public health and the multiplier effect level for economic development to trigger political commitment and investment in related fields.



As a legal basis for all activities above, the Indonesia Government (the Ministry of Environment), and the US Government (the US-EPA) signed an MOU on June 27, 2011.  The five agenda of the activities will be implemented within a period of 5 years, and is currently being implemented at the reviews on air quality monitoring activities and establish the participations of stakeholder in the improvement of air quality.  KPBBsupports to facilitate stakeholder participation in the frame of “Stakeholder Group Development” in building these, conducted in the period from July2011 to December 2012.


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