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Updated: 15 October 2018
Invitation - Public Dialog and showcase Program Low Carbon with Soot-free Bus-
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Updated: 04 October 2017
Jakarta Air Pollution: Ancaman Asian Games 2018
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Updated: 02 January 2013
Enhancing Walkability in Yogyakarta

Indonesia Coalition of Pedestrian.

The overall goal of this project is to targeted to the safety, security, economy and convenience aspects of walkability that can be improved upon in the short and medium terms e.g., availability of infrastructure and relevant policies. This is accomplished through four sub-goals/ objectives:

1.  To analyze neighborhood streets and sidewalks for walking in Yogyakarta. This project enables the community to determine and prioritize its great­est walking needs through several focus group discussion and consultative meeting group.

2. Identify specific pedestrian-related shortcomings, and implementing the recommendations for improveing pedestrian facilities conditions;

3. Generate awareness of walkability as an important issue in Yogyakarta

4. Encourage policy reform to enhance walkability in the city, congruence with the policy on developing mass public transport. 

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