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Updated: 15 October 2018
Invitation - Public Dialog and showcase Program Low Carbon with Soot-free Bus-
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Updated: 04 October 2017
Jakarta Air Pollution: Ancaman Asian Games 2018
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Updated: 02 January 2013
The Fuel Economy Initiative in Indonesia

The Fuel Economy Initiative in Indonesia 



 In term of (1) to gain better air quality improvement program, (2) saving the climate through mitigate green house gas from transport sector, and (3) the next step of cleaner fuel strategy in Indonesia, we conducted Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) study, with objective is to examine the benefits and costs of regulatory or policy interventions for 1) reducing Sulphur levels (targeting 50ppm) and 2) introducing vehicle fuel economy standards in Indonesia, to contribute to the goal of 50% improvement of fuel efficiency for global fleet.  The study  provides various options that could form the basis of a national vehicle fuel economy strategy in Indonesia.  Scenarios would be developed and assessed for their costs, benefits and effectiveness in reducing emissions, and improving fuel efficiency.

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